Civilization multiplayer LAN slot wrong nickname problem workaround

Workaround to civilization multiplayer name slot allocation problem

This problem happens when loading LAN multiplayer savegames. It happens only on saved LAN multiplayer games.

The reason of the bug is, game switches player name (multiplayer name) from the “steam nickname” to “computer name” (windows login name, windows username etc.) It causes a problem joining game as game believes you are a different human player. And game blocks you from entering your original slot. This name change happens randomly if a LAN game is being loaded after you have exit the game once.

What I am going to write is not a fix, but a work-around for this problem. (I also had this issue many times.) There are many methods that I’ve found with trial and error.


EDIT (After Update 16.10.2013): “Swap to player slot” button (jump to 1st method if you don’t have this button)

Multiplayer alias windows bug

Swap to player slot

After the update, a new button have appeared in the LAN lobby. “Swap to this player slot” button.

This button definitely hels in solving this problem, and it fixed the whole issue if done correctly. The problem with this button is, it let’s you switch to only AI slots. Therefore, when this bug happened, and If your name have changed while loading, civiliziation doesn’t let you swap into your old slot. The reason is that, you have a different name, and game believes your old slot is taken someone else. In this situation, you should kick your civilization with your old name, I’m explaining this below;


  1. Host the game, and only one human player joins the lobby
  2. Try to switch to the usual slot with this “swap to this player slot” button. If swapped correctly, you’re done.
  3. If it didn’t work, Probably your name have changed(situation in picture above, name didn’t change but still i couldn’t get to my slot), Your name is changed, but in the savegame, your slot have been covered with that wrong name. And game doesn’t let you switch to that slot as game believes it has been taken by another player. Then, you should get to hosting computer, and kick your civilization from the game, and swap to your original position with the wrongly placed player. It should work now as that wrong name has been cleared from the savefile.
  4. If it didn’t work, just try to switch to any AI slot (a wrong slot)
  5. Then after getting a wrong AI slot, try to switch to the correct slot you want to be. Weird, but worked for me.

If this didn’t work, continue to other methods I’ve written below; (check the 2nd one first if you have swap button, but failed to enter the game)

Below are old workarounds that I’ve shared, and some have proven to work. If you have swap button, play around with it before checking workarounds below.

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1st method:

  1. Host game with the usual host computer. (Load game from host pc)
  2. Kick every human player who have incorrect nicknames. (on humans that the problem occurs.) Note: There is a new (i.m.o. stupid) autostart feature that begins the game in 10 seconds. So you have to be fast while doing this.
  3. Join the game with other human players in the correct order. And check everytime if it’s correct. If incorrect, quit and join with the other human player. You need to test this fast because you can’t wait more than 10 seconds without doing anything.
  4. If you have joined with incorrect order, you need to kick that player from the host panel “again”, otherwise same player will have the same civilization. The wrong name will be listed on the list.

2nd method: (Has proved to work if 1st method fails)

  1. Kick all human players (If a player can join without problems, let him join normally, dont kick correct ones.)
  2. Begin the game alone, in the computer(s) with nickname ( alias ) issue, wait until game starts to load . Before loading begins, Do not join with players having slot problem.
  3. When the game has begun loading, Join it. (After lobby has closed)
  4. Game will act as that player has dropped from the game, and is rejoining. But AI won’t have time to play for him. Game will pause and wait for that player to join. (AI won’t mess up anything.)

The above method will most probably work if 1st method doesn’t, don’t just give up with trying once.

3rd method: 

If, in the host, you are seeing players as a name different from your name, in example; “computer names”, but when human players join, their name are “steam names”, you need to change the steam name to be exactly same as computer name.

In example, my windows computer name is Meceka_Desktop, and it is listed in the host screen. Then I need to enter it as nickname from steam, to do this;

In steam menu/friends/Change profile name ; change the nickname that appears in host savegame.

After changing this, game needs to be restarted. It will most probably work in this case.

4th method: 

This method is nearly same as 3rd method. If, changing nickname in civilization/ multiplayer options actually changes the nickname, change incorrect players nickname to be exact as the nickname that happears on host’s savegame.

If above methods doesn’t work, or you have found any other workarounds or a permanent fix, feel free to share your experience in comments. I have found these workarounds by myself, none of them are stated officially, good luck and have fun in your game 🙂

You might also like to view Brave New World Guide where every new feature is explained into detail.

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2 thoughts on “Civilization multiplayer LAN slot wrong nickname problem workaround

  1. The main problem is with steam name/computer name, etc, here’s what worked for us. In-game, whoever is logges in incorrectly needs to go to multiplayer options and type in exactly the name of the “user” who should be in their slot. After everyone’s logged in correctly, boot the “human” players that should be AI. This is the same as method 3 in the text above, but just for people that doesn’t onderstand the explanation in this site.

  2. the problem with the multiplayer name is even when we would start a completely new game, it uses the win7 names of the pc’s,…

    swap button did’nt function,…

    that’s *********** when the leader is named as user with a numerous code

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