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World Congress

world congress

world congress

In order to build the world congress, a civilization who have researched printing press has to meet all civilizations (Has to find all civilizations in the map). This civilization becomes the host of world congress, and this host can open a resolution, host is permanent, and the ability to open the vote continues to the end of the game.

When the world congress is found, we meet the screen in left side

After the world congress is found, every civilization receives a delegate number, and we can see this number from the world congress screen. This number is the number of votes you can give I will explain how this number changes below in this page.

Two resolutions are opened in every meeting. One resolution by the voted host, and one by the congress fpunder

The second host for world congress is selected by congress voting. First vote opens when the congress is founded, and then, as a country enters a new era, or all countries go through a previous era, the voting repeats, and the second host changes. You can see the voting screen below.

Choosing host

Civilization V vote congress host

World Congress – Choosing host

Congress hosts receive more delegates for voting. They decide the next resolution to open in voting.

In the vote to choose a host, as i experienced, AI always gives a vote to theirself. If you don’t have a chance to be the host, you can give a vote to civilization which is your best friend, and has common enemies with you. It’s better to have a friendly host than a host which is your enemy. (they can initiate trade embargo.)

To increase the delegate number, you need to have more city state allies, or you can send spy’s as diplomat to other civilizations. (This helps after globalization technology, more information in next page.)

Voting Screen

World Congress voting screen

World Congress voting screen

In this example, we have 4 delegates.

We can give +1 to first resolution, and -3 to second one,

Or we can give +4 to first resolution, and 0 to second. Or +2, -2 etc.

After votes are given. Resolution ends next turn and you can see if it is accepted or denied.

Tips to increase delegate number

Try to play more peacefully with city states. Newer declare war to a permanent ally city state. (Permanent means, having a very good relationship(Long lasting).) . They can be more helpful with increasing your delegate number, rather than capturing it.

Delegate number through ages.

  • Renaissance Era: 1 (base), +1 for congress host.
  • Industrial Era:        2 (base), +1 for congress host. +1 per city state ally
  • Atomic Era:           3 (base), +2 for congress host. +1 per city state ally
  • Information Era:    4 (base), +2 for congress host. +2 per city state ally

 Forbidden palace wonder gives +2 delegates

After Globalization technology has been researched, you receive +1 delegates per every diplomats you have stationed in foreign capitals.

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