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Resolutions in World Congress, and their explanations

World Congress Resolutions

World Congress Resolutions

Ban luxury resource: If accepted, the luxury resource in resolution is banned, and doesn’t have any benefits to any civilization

Embargo city states): If accepted, no trade routes can be formed to city states, and all trade routes needs to be redirected.

Embargo: If accepted, designated civilization cannot be traded with. And all trade routes to that civilization need to be redirected.

Standing army tax: All unit maintenance costs +25%

Scholars in residence: Technologies that are already researched by a civilization, can be researched 20%

Nuclear non-proliferation: Bans all countries from building “new” nuclear weapons. (nuclear weapons which are built before resolution stays and can be used.)

Cultural heritage sites: All wonders get +3 culture bonus

World Religion: The civilization with most spread religion receives +2 delegates. Religion spreads faster, and holy city generates +50% tourism.

World Ideology: An ideology is accepted as a world ideology. Civilizations who have chosen this ideology benefits with +2 delegates. And public opinion increases fort his ideology worldwide.

Art Funding: Great artist, great writer and great musicians appear 33% faster. But Great scientists, engineers and merchants appear 33% slower.

Science funding: Opposite effect of the “Art Funding” (above)

Historical Landmarks: All great people improvements, receive +2 culture. All landmarks, (from archeology) receive +4 culture.

Choose host: I’ve explained in previous page A vote opens to choose a host.

World Leader – Diplomatic Victory:

After the world congress is founded, a voting appears after an interval. If a civilization wins the vote, that civilization receives diplomatic victory. If no civilization wins the vote, 2 civilizations who have received highest votes gets +1 delegate.

World Projects:

In Project resolutions, every civilization contributes the Project with producing that Project in their cities. When completed, civilizations that have made biggest contribution receives gifts. Second and third positions stay for multiple countries (ex: who have produced +500 production gets 2nd position). Civilization in 1st position, receives all the bonuses, 1st, 2nd and 3rd bonuses, and civilization in 2nd position receives 2nd and 3rd bonuses.

World’s fair: When completed;

1. First civilization in contribution receives x2 global culture for 20 turns

2. Receives a new policy

3. : +500 points for golden age

International games: When completed;

1. First one in contribution receives x2 global tourism for 20 turns.

2. +3 happiness, +30 influence for all city states

3. +3 happiness

International space station: When completed;

1.  International space station wonder appears in capital

2.  A great scientist appears

3.  Boosts the current researching technology

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