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Trade Route system

Trade route list

Trade route list

This system is completely new in Brave New World.

All trade routes have a home city, and a destination city. And trade units connect these two cities.

Two trade units are available in the game;

Caravan and Cargo Ship

1) Caravan

Caravan Civilization

Caravan Civilization

Caravan unit is for cities with a land connection. It is cheaper than cargo ship, and it is easy to protect caravans. but caravan trades have less trade income

Base range: 10 Hexes

Buildings, technologies affecting trade route range explained in 2nd page


2) Cargo Ship

Cargo ship civilization

Cargo ship

Cargo ship connects coastal cities through seas and oceans. It takes longer to build, harder to protect, but gives more trade income. And with it’s very long range, there are many cities you can make trade with.

Range: 20 Hexes (30 with a Harbor)

Buildings, technologies affecting trade route range explained in 2nd page



Trade routes spread religion

Between the home city and the destination city, without considering the range, cities exchange religion with each other just like they are neighbors.

Plundering trade routes:

Plunder trade route

Plunder trade route

Trade routes can be plundered. To plunder, we need to be in war with the target civilization. (Barbarians can plunder every civilization.) When plundering, we also anger the “destination civilization”. Meaning, not the owner of trade unit, but civilization that owns the destination city. Because both sides benefit from the route.

To plunder, we hit the “Plunder Trade Route” button as can be seen below;

But we don’t have to do this. If we end turn with a military unit stationed on the trade unit, or stationed through the path the trade unit will move at the end of this turn(3-4 hexes in trade units path), as we end the turn, trade unit gets caught by our military unit, and gets plunder with the same effect. The trade route plunder gold bonus is listed below for caravan and cargo ship;

Caravan: 100 gold
Cargo Ship: 200 gold

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