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Freedom, order and autocracy were in policy tree before brave new world expansion. Now they are separated in Ideology section.

To choose an ideology, you should either build 3 factories, or enter modern age. If one of these is done, you can see this selection screen below.

Choosing ideology screen civ

Choosing ideology screen

ideology autocracy freedom order civilization

ideology autocracy freedom order









There are three ideology options we can choose in civilization V

  • Autocracy
  • Freedom
  • Order

For beginners, I’ve roughly explained their advantages, and when to choose which one, you can see it below. But I suggest you to check all tenet’s when choosing ideology, to choose the best fit for your civilization and strategies.

Unlike policies, ideology selection is highly important.

It affects both on diplomacy, and happiness in addition to large differences in tenets.

We receive friendship bonus with civilizations that have same ideology. Also, with tourism culture and influence, it affects ours, and other civilizations happiness. In the image above, in “Adopted by” part, we can see civilizations that have chosen the same ideology. If you’re hesitant which one to choose, you should stick with the one, that the civilization’s you want to be friend have chosen.

There is also a feature in above image: Early Adopter Tenet’s. If, you are one of the first ones to choose a specific ideology, you receive free tenets. For first: two tenets, and second, you receive one free tenet. This bonus saves a lot of time as it takes a long time to open new tenets.

For beginners, I’ve roughly explained their advantages, and when to choose which one, you can see it below. But I suggest you to check all tenet’s when choosing ideology, to choose the best fit one for your civilization and strategies

  • Autocracy: Gives lot’s of bonuses for war. If you play for domination, have a large army, I suggest you to choose this ideology without much thinking.
  • Freedom: If you are playing peacefully, trying to win culture victory, have lot’s of culture or tourism, freedom is the best fit ideology for you. But on the other hand, it also has a tenet that gives 7 free soldiers. (Also makes 7 soldiers maintenance free). This could also save you in war. Freedom gives you lot’s of advantages on Science victory, it’s more suitable for small civilizations.
  • Order: Suitable for large civilizations with a lot of cities. It has lots of affects to war as well. I suggest you to choose this ideology if you have widely expanded, but war is in second place.

Each ideologies unlock their distinct wonders. I’m listing below;

  • Freedom – Statue of Liberty
  • Order – Kremlin Palace
  • Autocracy – Prora

Example: If you have chosen Order, you can only build Kremlin palace. You cannot build statue of liberty or Prora. As civilizations only that have chosen order can build Kremlin Palace, you can give your priority to other wonders. In example; if you are the only civilization that has adopted order, no one else has the chance of building Kremlin until another civilization chooses order.


Tenet’s are just like policies under ideology tree. They are structured like a tree; therefore you have to choose two tenets in level 1 to be able to choose a level 2 tenet. You can see this in image below.

Tenet choose ideology

Choosing tenets in ideology

If we are weak on tourism culture, against civilizations with different ideologies,(meaning, if they have influence on us), our civilization happiness gets reduced by Public opinion.
This can also happen vice versa. If we’re advanced on tourism culture, we have influence against other civilizations with different ideologies, and they receive penalty on happiness because of public opinion.

I’ve explained this happiness issue by influence, widely on Tourism, culture and influence page (next page)

If happiness gets reduced too much because of chosen ideology and civilizations having influence on us, we can switch to the ideology requested by public opinion. (Public opinion wants the ideology that is influencing most.) Switching makes 1 turn anarchy, and in anarchy every production, research, growth halts. After anarchy, and ideology changes, the happiness penalty vanishes.

Important note: If we switch ideology, we lose all tenets that we have achived. We must not make this change unless our happiness gets reduced to about -20 and we can’t straighten happiness.

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