Brave New World – Great Works

Great Works

Great artists, musicians and writers have ability to make specific great works.

Great artist palette

Great artist, great work of art, palette

Ability of Great Artist, generating a great work can be seen in image. Great artist generates a great work of art (or palette). Great writer and musician can also make specific great Works, great work of music and great work of writing.
All great works make 2 culture and 2 tourism.
These three different kinds of great Works houses in different buildings in cities. And in the culture overview window, we can change the placement of great works.


  • Great Artist: Great work of art (palette) -> Museum, Palace, Louvre wonder
  • Great Writer: Great Work of writing      -> Opera house
  • Great Musician: Great work of music  -> Amphitheater, Library, Great library wonder

Great works that are generated from archaeological antiquity sites, house in same slots like great work of art(usually spear head, barbarian cap, sword, etc.) And they are called great work of artifact. They are placed in Museum, Palace, Louvre wonder.

If you don’t have a room for great work, you can not generate a great work from an archaeological dig, or by a great artist. You can only make a landmark from archeological dig, and use great artists for their ability. (Political treatise, concert tour, or golden age.) Or you can just make them sleep until you build a museum.

Culture Overview, transfering great works

Great work building civilization

Changing placement of great works

After we have generated great works, they are housed in a near city automatically. After this, you can transfer them between cities and buildings. This transfer lets us earn theming bonus that I’ve described below.




Theming bonus

If, we station same type of great work on a building (i.e. opera house),we receive a Tourism bonus. (I.E. If there are three palette(great work of art) in museum, we receive +6 tourism) This bonus is different in some cases. Some buildings require, different era, different type great works to give bonus tourism. Changing location of great works let us arrange great works and receive this theming bonus. In the Picture above, there are +4, +6, +3 numbers next to great work buildings. This shows the tourism bonus that I’ve explained.

Swapping great works with other civilizations

Exchanging Great works with Civilizations

Swapping Great Works with foreign civilizations

As you can see in the picture, this is the great work swap window. Here, every civilizations put their great works that they want to swap, and we choose from this list to swap with our great work. (Great work that we don’t want). After putting our great work to the box, we choose great works on “theirs”, and “ours” and then hit the swap button to swap great works.

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