Brave New World – New Great Artists, Writer, Musician

Great Artists, Great Musician, Great Writer

Great Writer

Great Writer

With Brave new world expansion, Great artists have separated into three branches;

– Great Artist

– Great Writer

– Great Musician

After Gods and kings expansion, great artists had 2 abilities. Starting golden age, and building landmark. (Before expansion it could steal territory)

With Brave new world expansion, every great artists (musician, writer and artist) have their own primary abiltity, which is making great works, You can see this ability in Great Works page. (it’s next page)

I’m explaining secondary abilities below;

Great Artist: Start golden age

It’s same as before, start’s golden age for a period of turns (this number of turns get reduced as you repeat starting golden ages. Example: First golden age: 7 turns, second time: 5 turn, third time: 4 turn…)

Great Writer: Write Political Treatise

Gives one time boost to culture, it consumes the great writer, This culture boost helps on policy (or ideology), and makes resistance against tourism. You can see this in image below;

Great Writer Political Treatise

Great Writer Political Treatise

Political Treatise gives about 60% of culture required for policy.

If you need policy more than you need tourism, or if you don’t have room for great Works, i recommend you to use great writer with writing political treatise.

Great Musician: Perform Concert Tour

Great Musician Perform Concert Tour

Great Musician Perform Concert Tour

To use this ability, we need to enter foreign land with our great musician. It gives one time tourism boost against that civilization you’ve entered, and increases our influence against that civilization.


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